Monday, August 3, 2015

True African experiences...

     This past weekend I attended Chief Mumena's Lubinda Ceremony. Got a picture taken with my new Kaonde friends.

     The ceremony is the annual gathering of people of the Kaonde Tribe. The ceremony showcases traditional dance and local people sell foods they harvested and items they make. 

     Two weeks ago I attended a camp (Camp Tree) at Kafue National Park organized by a fellow Peace Corps Volunteer. Each Volunteer brought along two students to attend the camp. I presented tree planting demonstrations.

     The man beside me is Harrison who is from my village. He acted as my interpreter for both Lunda and Kiikanonde and he presented tree talks and demonstrations, as well. 

 This is the Africa we see on documentaries!

      We traveled to the northern part of Kafue National Park for the camp where most visitors fly in by airplane. We drove in a 50 passenger bus following a bush path for several  miles; the second bus driver had to get out every few meters to move tree branches out of the way for the bus to pass

    The bus had to cross a plank bridge over a river. All of us had to get out of the bus while the bus crossed while we all crossed our fingers hoping the bus wouldn't fall into the river. The bus also had to literally bushwack around a fallen tree. 

     We reached camp around 2 in the morning. Our bus was the first bus to travel this route. So glad we made it.

     We camped along a river with hippos and crocks. I heard elephants off in the distance and lions were sighted 8k away.

Active demonstration on desertification.

My fellow Peace Corps Volunteers and me.

      The wonderful and lucky group of students who attended Camp Tree in Kafue National Park.

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