Thursday, July 9, 2015

Update on me...

      A hen made her way into my heart. Since I took in seven orphaned puppies two weeks ago, a hen showed up. She has taken on the role of 'mother' to the puppies. If a puppy strays away from the others she will fly over to it and herd it back to the others. 

     She also found the cat door--a hole I chiseled out of my hut wall to allow the cats to come in and out. So, at night she roosts on the back of my couch. She lets me pet her, too. 

     And I was worried I would become attached to the puppies!

     I've lost over 20lbs and I haven't cut my hair since I arrived in Zambia. My health is still great and I'm still getting around riding my bike and walking. I don't run much anymore, but I hope to get back into it when I come back to the States. 

     I've made many friends here and am enjoying my time here very much. My service ends in April of next year, so I have one more Thanksgiving, Christmas and a birthday (48!) before I come home. 

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