Monday, August 24, 2015

Hey! New Pics!

My village friends.

 My neighbor with his grandson, Savior.

 Puppy who has been stealing my shoes. I have to search my yard when she does that. She's so cute!

    My buddy Lawrence. He is 11, has never been to school and lives with his uncle. I don't know why he doesn't live with his parents. I am teaching him to read and I am trying to find a way to get him in a school. 

And now for something completely different...

     Fellow Peace Corps Volunteers get together periodically to celebrate like we are here in the following pictures. We are holding a COS (close of service) party for Volunteers in our province who will be returning to the United States now that their service is over. 

     Our parties usually involve a theme. This theme is ABC--Anything But Clothes. This is how we bond (haha). Many of us wore plastic bags. And one wore newspapers!

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