Monday, January 20, 2014

So, I leave two weeks from today for the Peace Corps... 

  • My flight leaves Bradley Airport for Philadelphia early Monday morning. 
  • When I arrive at Philly, I will check into my hotel and meet up with fellow Peace Corps Invitees. 
  • At 12 noon we will attend an orientation, then eat, and get some sleep before the BIG flight early the next morning. 
  • We will take a bus from Philly to NYC to fly out of JFK Airport on a direct flight to Johannesburg, South Africa. This flight is non-stop and is approximately 15 hours long.
       I thought of taking up knitting, but that won't be helpful because knitting needles aren't allowed on airplanes. My pilot friend suggested bringing a long book. Yes, I will bring a long book, but I will also take advantage of the time and close proximity to the other Volunteers I will be serving with and get to know them. 

  • From Johannesburg we will then take a two hour flight to the final destination...Lusaka, Zambia.


       I am in my final stages of preparing to serve in the Peace Corps. I will recap the past two months in my next entry along with some photos. 

      I am taking the last week of January off from work to focus on the remaining details and to spend time with family and friends. 

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  1. I cant believe its coming so soon. You must be really excited .im excited for you.