Saturday, November 23, 2013

Things I will and won't miss...

I have been thinking about things I will miss AND won't miss after I leave for Africa, so I made three lists. Of course I will miss family, friends, and kitties, but these lists include things that I tend to take for granted at times. The third list includes things that are more 'obvious' because most people are aware of my life's activities.

Things I will miss...

being called 'Mom'

a bottle of Riesling

the sound of Canada geese flying overhead

the smell of a wood stove burning while walking in the woods during cold seasons

Big Bang Theory

making a snowball and throwing it at

a view of the sunset from my house

towels just out of the dryer

toasted raisin bread smothered with unsalted butter

sound of a toilet flush

Things I won't miss...

Being called 'Mom' (this can go either way)

walking into a supermarket and seeing all of the food that will eventually be thrown out

television (except Big Bang Theory)


being cold in my house during winter

breathing in gas fumes when filling my car

eating when I'm not hungry, because I'm bored

stick-figure stickers on the back of SUVs

More things I will miss...

running with my friends

spending time with my father

talking with my kids whenever I want to

watching my kitties sleep at the foot of my bed

watching birds with Jerry

spending time with good friends

Saturday night card games

the silly late night Fb conversations with my brother Bill.


living life in this beautiful and free country

The next list entry will include the things I will miss while living in Zambia. I'm sure the list will be difficult to condense as these lists have been.


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