Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bags Are Packed and I'm (almost) Ready to Go

     It took me several hours yesterday to pack two standard sized duffel bags. What's in these bags you may ask? Well, here is a list of a few things I managed to stuff in them: backpacking tent, sleeping bag, two bike panniers, shortwave radio, Lego bricks (I'll explain those later), solar panel (actually, that will be stored in my carry-on, but I wanted include it), large bottle of Dr Bronner's castile soap, clothes, hammock, rope, three pairs of sandals, three pairs of running shoes, rain gear, hats, and books.

     One of the challenges was fitting everything inside the bags. It wasn't easy. After I packed one of the bags, I noticed a rip at the seams. I'm not sure if I ripped it or if the rip was already there. I had just purchased this bag yesterday, so I unpacked the bag and brought it back to the store to exchange it. I repacked successfully without any tears.

     Once I packed the bags I had to weigh them to make sure they didn't exceed 50lbs. Both bags are under 50lbs with a few pounds to spare. Keeping the bags under this weight wasn't difficult which surprised me.

    I'm glad I'm packed. Now I can concentrate on other last minute details. Today is my last full day at home. Tomorrow I leave bright and early for the airport dragging along my two almost-50lb bags and my carry-on. I just hope they arrive intact to Zambia...preferably at the time I arrive there.

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