Saturday, June 21, 2014

More pics...

 Compound near my site
 Termite mounds that look like head stones and are almost as hard as a rocks. They are only found in a certain type of soil so they aren't found everywhere..
 Abandoned beehive by beekeeper and bees.
 Sankton cutting bamboo.
 Carrying the bamboo.
 Epiphyte: Plant that lives on another plant, but doesn't necessarily hurt its host. Thrilled to see these and looking forward to identifying.
 The first of three of my community maps I drew up at a community meeting.
 Nshima is eaten by some three times per day. It is made from ground corn mixed with water. The nshima is eaten with 'relish', or anything that accompanies it such as chicken, or in-season vegetables. It is eaten with the hands.
 Children eating nshima for breakfast.
Pesky chickens trying to get at the cornmeal.

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