Friday, April 25, 2014

I was sworn in today...

     I was sworn in today at the house of the Zambian ambassador today in Lusaka. It has been a fantastic experience. The day started out pouring rain, but when the ceremony ended, the sun came out. The ceremony was followed by a light lunch and we took several photos of one another. Tomorrow I will say my final goodbyes to my fellow volunteers I looked upon as a family for the past three months.
     There are two other volunteers I trained with who will be coming with me up to Northwest Province as well as five other PCVs from the RAP group. The next step is to move into my new hut in Mumena Village. I will spend the next three months fixing up my hut; I will paint my sitting room walls bright yellow, get a garden started, and start searching for a dog. I talk more about the reason I decided to get a dog in a later post.
     The signifigance to the first three months as new Volunteers we are required to stay in our district and get to know the villagers and fix up our huts. Once the three months begin work. I am the only Peace Corps Volunteer in my area. The closest Volunteer to me is 30k away.

I will be heading up to Northwest Province with this group to live and work for the next two years.
New Peace Corps graduates.

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