Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Update on Harrison...

     Harrison is still in the process of locating a chainsaw to purchase. It is difficult because there aren't chainsaw stores nearby. The nearest on is in Kitwe which is four hours by bus. Neither of us have had the time or money to head out there. But, connections in Solwezi are slowly leading us to locating one. Things move slow in Zambia; nothing is ever fast or easy.

     A website is live for Harrison's business, business cards are being distributed by myself and Peace Corps Volunteers to businesses, schools, clinics, and residents. His business has also been posted on a Facebook page called Expat Zambia which contains helpful posts about the goings on in Zambia. There have been several people interested in his chairs which you can view pictures of on the website.

The website is www.kaondecarpentry.blogspot.com

   In addition, a small crew Harrison worked with in Mufumbwe will be resettling in Mumena to work with Harrison. Since there is the potential of an influx of work for his business, he will need as much help as possible. We just need to get the chainsaw.

     Things are moving along pretty well. If anything that will help broaden his business it will be his chairs. He makes folding chairs that are an uncommon item found in Zambia. Take a look at them on the website. He has had several orders in the past, in fact, Chief Mumena has two in his palace and Harrison is working on finishing an order of ten for a resident in Solwezi.

     Once his business grows steady, he plans to bring on youths to train. This is the end goal. It is Harrison's final wish to teach others his trade. And I believe this is going to happen. I won't be here when it expands to this point, but he will update me.

     The following URLs are short videos of Harrison demonstrating some of his work. The last video is separate. It is of me walking to the roadside in the village with my dog.






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