Thursday, January 14, 2016

Curious what I listen to in Zambia?...

     I still love classic rock from home, but rarely listen to it here in Zambia. I now have new music to add to my repertoire. This music will follow me back to the States as it will remind me of the times spent here when dancing at night clubs, hearing the music playing at the bar by the roadside in my village, and my cab driver plays my favorite reggae songs by Eric Donaldson.

    I made up a sample playlist for you to listen to and get an idea of the popular songs played during my stay here in Zambia. Some is referred to as Zampop, which is played in bars. Reggae is popular in Zambia, and Nigerian bands are commonly played. 

     Unfortunately I am unable to locate traditional Kaonde music on the internet which is a favorite of my host father. I can hear him driving home blasting this music on his truck stereo with him singing along.

     These songs mean a lot to me. They remind me of certain situations. Every time I get into the cab of my favorite cab driver, he automatically plays, 'Cherry Oh Baby' for me on repeat for the entire ride. 

     Early in my service I barhopped with my friend Kenny and danced all night to many of the songs on this list. One song, Eminado, was played at a local bar in Mwinilunga where we were pulled out onto the dance floor with our chairs, sat down in a circle and held hands with the people next to us and did a kind of wave-like motion with our arms traveling around the circle. 

     I encourage you to listen to and watch the video, 'Am I Wrong'. This song is about village kids and the video is filmed in Southern Province in Zambia. This song leaves me feeling melancholy reminding me of the limited opportunities village kids have. 

     Please listen to some of these songs to get a taste of what I listen to here. Music makes people happy. I am happy listening to this music and I am sure I will listen to it years to come to bring back some of the feelings I had while serving in Peace Corps.


Aye...Davido (Nigerian)

Cherry Oh Baby...Eric Donaldson (Jamaican)

Am I Wrong...Nico and Vinz (African/Norwegian)

Eminado...Tiwa Savage Ft. Don Jazzy (Nigerian)

Chishala...Pentagon Ft B1 (Zambian)

AmaRulah...Roberto (Zambian)

Collabo...PSquare (Nigerian)

Taste of Money

Hangover song...Dj Vetkuk vs Mahoota (South African)

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