Saturday, May 23, 2015

Zambia: A melting pot...

     I write a lot about my village and its people, but I want to include outside of my village.

     Recently I attended a conference in Lusaka. Lusaka is the capital of Zambia and it is a modern city with several shopping malls, restaurants--including Pizza Hut and KFC--businesses, and roads with sidewalks.

     The end of my stay I lodged at a backpacker hostel. There I met a woman from Austria. We hit it off right away and spent the remainder of my time together. She is two months into her journey around the world; first visiting countries in Africa. So, my social life isn't solely concentrated to the village. 

Andrea and me enjoying a beer at the hostel.

     A list of the countries represented by people I've met in Zambia: 

South Africa
New Zealand
South Korea

     Most of these people have not heard of Peace Corps, or they have, but I explain to them what Peace Corps is and does. 

     I am meeting more diverse people here in Zambia than I did back in the States. Amazing, isn't it?

     You may be wondering why there are people from all over the world in this African country. Well, many have relocated for jobs, especially at the mines and some are just passing through on their travels. 

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  1. So inspiring what you are doing! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Zambia, we'll be in touch. BTW how are you? ;)