Thursday, September 25, 2014

Why many little girls miss out on school...

These girls spend their days watching their siblings. Most aren't over the age of 10. Girls are very responsible compared to most boys. They are taught at a very young age how to care for babies, do laundry, cooking, and fetching water.
I am amazed with their abilities as care givers. The babies are exceptionally well-behaved and the girls do not carry around baby bags like we do in the States. Most of the babies don't wear diapers; only cloth or nothing at all. When the babies are hungry the girls bring the babies back to their mothers to nurse.
None of these girls can speak English, which is an indicator they don't attend school. The top three photographs are of Bella. She is a beautiful girl, she is shy and very sweet. Sometimes she comes by without a baby...I spend one-on-one time with her and sometimes share a meal with her. She loves the attention.

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