Friday, September 27, 2013

My Peace Corps Application Timeline

       This timeline gives a general idea what is involved when applying to the Peace Corps. From what I understand, the Peace Corps application process varies from individual to individual.

       It is one year and eight months from the Peace Corps receiving my initial application to my scheduled departure date. The initial application includes submitting three essays, answers to medical questions, college transcripts, and personal background information.

       There had been times during the application process where I felt I was forgotten about, but that is a part of the waiting. I believe the waiting throughout this process ensures the applicant is serious about serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer.
June 11, 2012…Sent in Peace Corps application via email.

June 12, 2012… Email sent to me confirming application was received.  Need to complete Health Status Review (medical history) and submit three references

June 17, 2012…I received fingerprint charts and National Agency Check form via postal mail. Instructions how to check online application status were included.
June 21, 2013…Sent in fingerprints. Fingerprinted at local police department.

I contacted Peace Corps due to not hearing from them. Apparently I missed an email sent from the Peace Corps containing two extra forms to be filled out and submitted. They ‘resent’ the forms.
September 4, 2012…I'm requested to resubmit ‘friend’ recommendation; previous one not accepted.

September 6, 2012…I submitted recommendation.

September 7, 2012…I was contacted via email to schedule interview

September 14, 2012…Interview in Brattleboro, VT.

September 19, 2012…I received email with instructions how to access Medical Applicant Portal
Faxed/emailed recent medical exam, blood work, and surgery records right away.

I had not heard from medical that they received my information. I contacted my recruiter September 24, 2012 and she suggested I resubmit everything. Come to find out I did not hit the ‘submit’ button. (ughh!)

October 1, 2012…I received nomination letter from recruiter via email. Tentative date of departure was July 2012 and the plan was for me to work in environmental education. Nomination letter did not include country of service.
Soon after my nomination I received this following email from the medical portal concerning my premedical clearance:

Dear Virginia,

Thank you for sending in all of your required medical documents. They have been received and are under review by the Office of Medical Services. If, after review of the medical information you submitted, we require anything further, we will send you an email notification.

The Peace Corps Medical Applicant Portal may be found here:


Peace Corps Office of Medical Services

So, I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited…

November 11, 2012…I emailed my recruiter about my concern about not hearing from Medical about pre-clearance. Her response was it usually takes longer to be medically pre-cleared. I did not get a frame of time when I should hear back from Medical.

So I continued to wait…

I contacted Medical through the portal in early April. I quickly received a response letting me know they have many applicants to review and will get to my file soon.
I continued to wait…

In May I received and email from Placement informing me my tentative departure date will be pushed back if my medical pre-clearance is not satisfied soon.

After several emails back and forth to Medical and Placement I was asked to resend my medical history. In addition, one more bit of information was requested and I submitted that as soon as I was able.

June 6, 2013…I received an email from Medical that I am medically pre-cleared. I was also informed I was legally cleared around this time.

July 11, 2013…My interview with Placement via phone.

July12, 2013…I received via email my INVITATION to the PEACE CORPS!!!!!!! My father, my friends, Jerry and Mark and my two sons, Josh and Ryan were with me when I received my invitation. It couldn’t have worked out better than that.  
Along with my invitation, I received a list of medical tasks to complete, instructions to apply for my passport and visa, information about my country of service and job description, and some more forms to fill out.

I did not accept my invitation right away. I took a few days to think hard about what I was about to commit to.
July 15th, 2013…I accepted my invitation to serve in the Peace Corps via email.

Departure date is February 3rd, 2014 for Zambia, Africa.



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