Saturday, June 14, 2014

Pictures from Zambia, June 2014.

Sankton and I traveled over 5k to a bamboo site in the forest for harvest. We carried the bamboo back on our shoulders. He didn't tell me how far this was; if I had known I would have brought water and not worn my sandals. Even if I asked how far he probably would have said: not far.
Sankton is my neighbor. He is teaching me about his culture, he is my language tutor, and he is teaching me about the trees and their uses(my passion). He is a tiny, yet strong man and he looks like a Sans (bushman). and he is smart as a whip!

Near the bamboo I found a small patch of aloe. This is an aloe flower.

Termite mound that bamboo loves to grow on. There are termite mounds everywhere, but bamboo isn't as prevalent.

Aloe Vera plant
Set fire to my garbage pit. Felt terrible doing this, but this is how villagers dispose of their trash. Either that or throw it on the side of the trail.

This shelf fell off the wall of my bedroom while I was away. I like it much better in here.

Full moon from my new window.

Harvesting a root that counter-acts diarrhea.

Mupota (kikaonde) tree root and leaves. The root is boiled in water then the tea is ingested orally. When boiled a sticky brown sap is extracted.

Running on the tarmac, need to find some technical hills; that will be a challenge.

Child playing on the side of the road. many discarded items end up as toys.

Dirt road heading back to my hut from my run.  Everywhere is flat as a board; sure miss the hills back home.

Running with my new partner. He plays soccer and used to run with Gracie, the previous volunteer. I feel safer running with someone so he is allowing me to get back on track with my running.


  1. Is your running partner wearing a reflective vest on the road or is this part of his soccer (futbol) uniform? Do you need a reflective vest? Pat

  2. It is part of his soccer uniform. Very few cars pass by; maybe one every 15 minutes and they beep their horn several times to let you know they're coming!